Hats in Tanzania

Lily Olson recently distributed the hats that Faith collected to the children at an orphanage in Tanzania. Thank you, Faith Lutheran, for your support and love!

Connecting through Jesus

Our youth are on a mission trip to Alabama this week. Every day one or two youth send an email update about their day to all of the parents. Please lift up these young missionaries in prayer as God works through them. Hi Eveyone!!! It's Macy and Madie Roberts! We are a part of "The... Continue Reading →


Most people tend to work out too hard. Exercise should make you feel good. It promotes circulation, which in turn brings nutrients to parts of our bodies that might be getting a little worn. Like joints for example, gentle exercise helps to decrease the pain of osteo-arthritis. To our brains, it creates a chemical change... Continue Reading →

Deeper Questions of Faith

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be studying the deeper questions of faith through some of the common phrases about faith. You’ve heard them—you may have even used some of them. Phrases like “God said it, I believe it, that settles it” and “Everything Happens for a Reason.”  How do we use these phrases... Continue Reading →

Nailers, Miters and Saws, Oh My!

What do you get when you combine air nailers, a miter power saw, a skillsaw and 3 hardworking property committee members? You get an awesome new platform for our soon-to-be-installed awesome new soundboard in the sanctuary!   Thank you to Joe Mollner, Lee Sunsten and Dwayne Jacobson for hours of labor in creating the platform.... Continue Reading →

On being held

We continue to lift up Faith member Amy Mihelich who is serving in Rwanda. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your stories with our Faith community.


FullSizeRender (37).jpg Thibaut greets me in the library (and then agrees to stage this photo)

I’ve always valued words above all other forms of communication. Living in Rwanda, however, has taught me that words are only one way to connect with others. Rwandans often speak quietly, and many times they will hold an entire conversation without facing one another. While they may not always hold eye-contact, they often physically hold one another.

I don’t think I ever realized how comforting it can be to receive a hug from someone who cares about me. The combination of my cultural context, living situation, and general social awkwardness means that sometimes I will go weeks without much more physical human contact than a handshake. You’d better believe that during the sharing of the peace at church on Sundays, I’m going in for the classic “hug and THEN a handshake” maneuver (emphasis on the hug).


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Prayground at Faith

On Sunday, May 28, we tried something NEW! It was exciting and unique—we had small tables in the front of the sanctuary, by the baptismal font, for younger kids to sit closer to the front. The front row was open for parents to sit nearby and monitor things like sharing and the use of “worship... Continue Reading →

Dorothy Clingman Mission Grant Funding Update

Thank you to Faith Member’s Karen Alm, Shannon Dunn, Gwen Hanson, Connie Hendrickson, Kerrie Holschbach,  Alisa Kocian, Kate Koschack, Ted Lautzenheiser, Nancy Mollner, David Rachie, Melanie Ross, Patty Swanson, Bill and Jill Somrock, and Ellen Van Tassel for hearing the call and submitting proposals. The proposals submitted ranged from $100 to $10,000 for a total... Continue Reading →

Preschool Blessings

Pastor John recently led our final mini-chapel of this school year for our Discovery Center preschool friends. The 4 year old children were invited to bless the 5 year old children who are graduating from preschool.  The children were sent off with a prayer to use God's gifts in kindergarten and beyond. Numbers 6: 24-26 “The... Continue Reading →

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