Healing in 60 minutes

We were at the mall taking care of some shopping.  Our friend of many years lives near-by.  She is in the early stages of dementia and lives alone.

“Let’s call and see if she is home, we could swing by for a visit.”  No phone number in my contact list.  “Well then, let’s just drive over and see if she is home.”  What if she is napping?  What if she is not home?  What if her children are there?  We usually don’t just drop in on folks.

She was home, alone, and she saw us drive up.  She met us at the door, eyes red from crying.  Sobbing she hugs us and says, “You’re just what I need, nothing is going right for me today.”

Sitting with her, sharing some coffee, listening to her recount the difficulties she was having was what she needed.  Healing happened in those 60 minutes or so.

A God sighting?  We think it was.

Two Faith Members

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