Happy Lent!

Ash Wednesday was a powerful day. We had a miashes-to-ashes-fireni-chapel with the kids from the Lakes Area Discovery Center daycare. Then a wonderful homemade lunch before a 1 pm service and then a packed sanctuary for the 6:30 service.

I had everyone write their name on a sheet of paper, then leave the impression of their ashes on the paper and turn it in.

The message I preached reminded us that Jesus, through his death on the cross, returns to the ashes. From the ashes, new life begins. The cycle continues.

Remember that you are dust… and dust you shall return. Until that time comes, remember that you wear the markings of the cross as you leave this place—long after the ash gets washed away. At the conclusion of the service, we had a bonfire with those pages with our names on it in the Memorial Prayer Garden—right next to the ashes in the columbarium. Our ashen and smudged self burned—a reminder that through Christ, our sinful self dies and new life is born.

It was a unique way to kick-off Lent. The 5 Wednesday’s to follow will explore the different emotions that we have, creatively giving voice to the 5 main emotions in the children’s movie “Inside Out.” Here’s a fun video to tell you more about it:

Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:10:

  • March 8: Pastor John, Joy, John 15:1-11
  • Mar 15: Vicki Bohling-Philippi, Fear, Matthew 14:22-32
  • Mar 22: Toree Rees, Sadness, John 11:17-36
  • Mar 29: Kyrstin Schwartz, Anger, John 2:13-22
  • Apr 5: Josh Blair, Disgust, John 13:1-10

inside-out-all-charactersAll of our emotions make up who we are. These reflections will weave the gospel stories with the emotions that they evoke. I’m excited to hear from each of our guest preachers!

Finally, we will have the music of Holden Evening Prayer featured each week and Sue Brogger, our kitchen coordinator, will be making wonderful homemade soups that are served from 5:30-6:30. We hope that you are able to make it and tell others about what is happening at Faith! Happy Lent!

-Pastor John


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