Through God’s Eyes

Rob & Pastor Kerrie Holschboch are new Faith members passionate about missions. They are active in Food for His Children (FFHC), a holistic community development ministry serving the materially poor in rural Tanzania, Africa. Thank you, Kerrie, for sharing your story of Faith in action.

God gave me His eyes during a visit to Esta’s home in 2012.  Esta, Petro and 5 children were living in a mud and stick home with a dirt floor.  No electricity, no running water.  The closest water is a 4 hour walk.  I’ve been in many Tanzanian homes, but this one struck me.  Overwhelmed by the poverty and on the brink of tears, God gave me His eyes and showed me this was EXACTLY why He called me to start FFHC.  Instantly, the scene changed.  I saw faith, hope and love rather than despair. As we heard Esta’s plans to sell goats and milk and start a chicken business, we saw hope and promise.  We saw a mother loving her children and grateful for the promise her goats offer. God opened our eyes, showing order in the midst of disorder, joy instead of material poverty, and peace instead of pain.  We saw Jesus.  We witnessed transformation outside the church walls.

kerrie2Esta and Petro now have 7 children.  When they received their dairy goat from FFHC, they were struggling to feed their children.  Today, they are said to be the richest goat farmers in their community.  Their goat has had 17 kids, consistently having twins.  They gave one goat to another family, one to FFHC and one to their church.  Esta sells goats and has started the chicken business that she dreamt about.  They sold 5 goats to buy bricks and iron sheets to build a house.  Using manure from their goats, their crop yielded 4300 kgs of maize this year! Esta’s family went from a place of brokenness to a place where their dreams are coming true and from one of the poorest families in the area to sharing what they have been given with others.

Esta says, “Thanks for remembering us….  We moved from being a very poor family and now we are moving forward.”




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