Happy Holy Week!

I drive past a sign every day that says “Your Story Matters.” It’s for a church.

Maybe I’m a bit sensitive, but when I read it, I think it’s an odd way to talk about God’s presence in the world. It’s a strong emphasis on ME—and honestly, I feel like if it’s all about my story, that’s never going to be enough.

Every time I see it, I want to translate it to “God’s Story Matters for Me.”

This is the week where we hear about what God does for us. This is the week where we remember that Jesus tells us to continue to share in his mission of serving others and to love one another. It’s the week that Jesus died on the cross. And most importantly, this is the Sunday where we remember that Jesus rose from the dead—that he is Risen (indeed) because WE matter.

We matter because God loves us.

We hope you come to hear that story and to understand how God’s story shapes YOUR story, not the other way around.

Share inEaster Ad 2017-page-001 the meal of Holy Communion on Thursday at 6:30 pm.

Come to a family service on Friday at 10:30 and stay for lunch. Or come early for lunch and stay for a meditative service at 1 pm. At 6:30 pm, the choir will lead us in a Tenebrae service—fancy church word that means “darkness”—when we hear the passion story through word and music.

Then celebrate the new life of Easter at 7:30 or 9 am for Traditional Services and the 10:30 Praise Team service. We also have a service in the Faith Life Center (gym) at 9 am which will mirror the worship in the sanctuary, but will accommodate activities for younger children and a little noise will be ok (and even encouraged!)

Can’t wait to see you! Please invite others to join you—especially those who are struggling with their story and how God fits into resurrecting their faith. Come hear how God’s Story Matters for YOU! Happy Holy Week everyone!

Pastor John


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