Living a Debt Free Life

Want to be free to live your dream and let go of the stress and strain of debt and bills?  Don’t miss Financial Peace University!

Rob and I have been living in Financial Peace for over 10 years.  We started by reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and then went through Financial Peace University.  We live a debt free life, other than our mortgage, using the envelope/cash system.  When we want to make a large purchase, we use the savings account we have for that item rather than taking out a loan or using a credit card.

We have chosen to ‘live like no one else’, and we’re able to live a life many of our friends and neighbors can’t.  Because of Financial Peace, I’m now able to leave my full-time job with the Department of Corrections, taking over a 50% cut in pay, in order to live my calling and do full time ministry with the nonprofit we started in 2008.  God has been calling us to this for years, He paved the way and provided the tools through this program.

Don’t wait another day, sign up for Financial Peace and start learning how you can live free from debt, the way God intended!


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