“We at Faith Lutheran care about you and your children”

Hungry Minds Need Food

Thank you, Faith Lutheran, for the $1,000 Dorothy Clingman mission grant! This will partially fund a $4,000 need to pay for breakfast and lunch at school for some children in our district. We are serving families on the edge who did not qualify at the beginning of the last school year to receive free and/or reduced lunches.

The grant will partially cover the following needs:

  • 300 children (from 80 families) with a deficit in their food service account prior to acceptance into the Free and Reduced lunch program without the financial means to cover the debt.
  • 1,500 children (from 375 families) from under income families who make too much money to get into the Free and Reduced lunch program. Some missed the cut off by as little as $100 per year.

Hungry Minds Need Food 2When families are unable to cover fees, the children receive the same meal as children whose families can afford to pay for the meals.  They are NOT put in a separate line and given a cheese sandwich like they do in some districts.  The children are not discriminated against because of their parent’s financial situation.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please contact me.

Thanks, Connie Hendrickson

For additional information contact me at connieccc@juno.com

The following message will be given to each family who received money form this grant.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A message to you from Faith Lutheran Church of Forest Lake:
“Our hope is that families in difficult situations know that we at Faith Lutheran care about you and your children.  We also hope that your future circumstances might allow you and your children to consider ‘paying this gift forward’ to others who may be in a similar situation.”

We hope this gift lifts your spirits and helps support your family.  We are glad you are part of the Forest Lake Area Schools.

‘Faith Lutheran’s Dorothy Clingman Grant Serving Children in ISD 831’


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