Meals Being Served in our Neighborhood

Thank you, Faith Lutheran, for supporting Open Hands Midway with annual gifts from your Endowment Fund.

Open Hands Midway is a non-profit organization serving the Hamline-Midway area of St. Paul, one of the poorest in the city with an average income for a family of four of $35,000.  We provide nutritious meals, clothing, household goods, groceries and personal supplies, and access to an array of community resources.

open-hands-midway-2.jpgIn 2016, we served 14,000 meals. Every Monday we serve a nutritious meal to approximately 250-300 people. We also distribute clothing, household goods and have referral resource partners on hand to assist our guests with those things we do not provide. We rely on the help of 25 to 30 volunteers each week for the Monday meal. Our volunteers donated 7,500 hours of time to serve with us in 2016.

In June and July, we add a second day of meal service on Wednesdays. Our vision is to add a second day of meal service year round on Wednesdays. However, we cannot do this without sustained funding ($20,000 annually) and a larger base of volunteer support. Can you imagine the impact of another 14,000 meals per year being served in our neighborhood?

It is our hope, as past recipients of funds from Faith Lutheran’s Endowment fund that you will be inspired to learn how you can connect with us on a regular basis to help with the work and mission being done just 27 miles away from you. Your volunteer, financial and prayer support are welcome.

Kay Kuehn, Executive Director, Open Hands Midway


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